• Ascending in the snow.
    Ascending in the snow.
  • Magnus Bjornson at Crater Lake.
    Magnus Bjornson at Crater Lake.
  • Dinner in Barn Bluff Hut.
    Dinner in Barn Bluff Hut.
  • Mt Pelion West.
    Mt Pelion West.
  • Day one. Approaching Cradle Cirque.
    Day one. Approaching Cradle Cirque.
  • Welcome to the Overland Track.
    Welcome to the Overland Track.
  • Magnus Bjornson climbing Pelion.
    Magnus Bjornson climbing Pelion.
  • Barn Bluff Hut.
    Barn Bluff Hut.
  • Astrophotography. Pine forest moor hut. Photo: Stephen Huang.
    Astrophotography. Pine forest moor hut. Photo: Stephen Huang.
  • Cradle Mountina Huts.
    Cradle Mountina Huts.
  • Cradle Circque day one.
    Cradle Circque day one.
  • Decending Mt Pelion East.
    Decending Mt Pelion East.
  • Ascending Mt Pelion East.
    Ascending Mt Pelion East.

To walk Tasmania’s iconic Overland Track is a challenge at any time of the year. However, for those willing to embrace an epic adventure, winter delivers something truly special, writes Magnus Bjornson.

The crisp clarity is breathtaking, the serenity, overwhelming and the quietness, simply deafening. “This… is why you walk in winter”, our guide says, breaching the silence, as we absorb the wilderness vista perched high on the slopes of Mount Pelion East.

Two days earlier, our group traversed around the edge of Cradle Mountain battling knee-deep snow and an arctic like blizzard. This was testing mind and body, pushing our boundaries and completely dissolving thoughts of our everyday ‘normal’ existence. In sub-zero conditions, we were all in the moment, far removed from thoughts of meetings, emails and deadlines. We had truly stepped outside our comfort zone to greet the epic adventure of walking the Overland Track in winter.

Very few people walk the Overland Track in winter. That in part is the attraction; with the typically inclement weather, making one of the World’s greatest walking trails sometimes an almost exclusive experience. A fact reiterated on our journey with the pre-dominant footprints in the snow, being those of wallabies, possums and devils.

Enabling this incredible experience were our inspiring guides, our lightweight packs and the sanctuary of Tasmanian Walking Company’s private in-park accommodation, complemented by hearty home cooked meals, a glass of wine, hot showers, warm fire, drying rooms and a cosy bed.

These simple creature comforts allowed our group to awaken rejuvenated each morning and truly engage with one of the World’s great walking experiences. By day, rugged snowy mountain peaks, cascading waterfalls and ancient rainforests captivated us. By night, the cold winter evenings delivered the surprise of clear skies dominated by the radiant Milky Way Galaxy within a dome of thousands of bright stars.

To experience the Overland Track in winter does not just constitute a walking holiday. It is a complete reset, one that challenges your mind and body and reminds you how to truly live. As one of our guides quipped, “You won’t find Wi-Fi in the forest, but I promise you’ll find a better connection!”

Great Walks was a guest of the Tasmanian Walking Company.

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The Cradle Mountain Huts Winter Walk
Trip begins at Cradle Mountain Valley and ends in Launceston.
Winter trips run from June to August.
Six day itinerary $4095 per person, price includes:
Return transfers between Launceston and the walk base
Accommodation each evening in one of five private huts - twin share
All meals and non-alcoholic beverages, plus a limited selection of Tassie wines
National Park and Overland Track passes
Boat transfer across Lake St Clair

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