• Oh Crap!
    Oh Crap!

Did you know the three million Australian dogs produce 1200kg of waste every day? Up to 4% of landfill is poop just sitting there in plastic bags slowly turning from solid plastic to microplastic over the next 1000 years.

A Geelong startup decided to tackle to problem head (or should I say rear?) on.  

The company ‘Oh Crap’ worked to create a dog poop bag that functioned just like the original, but with a much more karma-friendly end of life. To date they have saved an incredible 3 million plastic dog poop bags from landfill.  “We love dogs but we got sick and tired of not being able to do something good for the environment with what they leave behind - even when their owners do the right thing [and pick it up],” explains Oh Crap Marketer Henry Reith. “So we took action. We started a mission to try and reduce the problem one poop at a time.”

The bags are made of cornstarch and can be used not only in home compost bins but in worm farms too. They break down over three months and go back to the soil, leaving nothing harmful behind in the environment. They’ll last 18 months in a cool dry place on the roll, and one month’s supply is only $12.99. If you’d like more info, check out their Facebook, Instagram or website

We can also see the technology in use here perhaps being harnessed for hiking food packaging in the future, like the story we ran on the compostable energy bar wrappers. It's great to see Aussie's stepping up to keep our earth beautiful. 




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