• 3 flavours to choose from
    3 flavours to choose from

It's often pretty hard to find a tasty bar that's not either packed full of sugar or tastes gross. Recently though there's been a few companies looking to buck that trend: most famously Cliff Bar have been around for a while, although they're pretty high in complex sugars if you're not hanging by your forearm for hours on end up the North Wall. 

What to do then if you're looking for an affordable bar that's not going to wreck your teeth (or your blood sugar) tastes good and won't break the bank? 

This month, Set The Bar has officially re-launched their range of professionally formulated sports food products, enerGi Bio Bars, with two additional flavours and new packaging. The improved formulations are university certified low GI, with protein, antioxidants, probiotics and prebiotics to support energy production, gut health and the immune system.

The bars are made from specially selected low GI ingredients, are high in fibre and protein, gluten-free and contain no artificial sugars, perfectly suited for health-conscious consumers and those looking to manage their weight. 

enerGi Bio Bars are now available in three flavours, Dark Choc Coco-Nutz, Berry Bomb and Mint Madness, sweetened with low GI bee honey and all natural Xylitol to help reduce cavities. The bars can be purchased nationally through Bio Living and online at www.setthebar.co from $4.95 for a 40g bar. 

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