• ResQLink View
    ResQLink View
  • ResQLink 400
    ResQLink 400

ACR has released two new PLBs - the ResQLink 400 and the ResQLink View.

Small but resilient, the ResQLink 400 has been professionally engineered and tested to ensure it can withstand even the harshest elements. It features GPS and Galileo GNSS, built-in buoyancy and strobe/infrared strobe. Once swtiched on this PLB has a 24+ hours operational life.

The ResQLink View is similar to the 400 but it also includes a digital display providing live status and GPS coordinates and once switched on has a 28 hours Operational Life.

Both PLBs are small and lightweight (148gm), require no subscription, have a 5-year battery life and come with a multi-function clip system.

Great Walks encourages bushwalkers - individuals and groups - to always carry a PLB so when they need emergency assistance they will get it.

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