• A NaturalPak product
    A NaturalPak product

Australian owned and operated Bee Dee Bags has launched NaturalPak, a new player in the world of environmentally friendly, compostable and sustainable food packaging industry.

Bee Dee Bags believes NaturalPak will be able to assist Australian businesses in the fast food and take-away industry to transition to products that are an alternative to non-recyclable single use plastic food packaging and join the movement to make our world a better place to live in.

NaturalPak’s select range of compostable packaging products is ethically sourced from managed plantations of sustainably grown trees (FSC), made from rapidly-renewable plant resources (PLA) and sugarcane pulp.

NaturalPak’s range was selected to ensure that products are not only environmentally friendly but also durable, strong and industry tested to make sure that the range is not just keeping the planet clean, but is a functional, convenient and an economic choice for each and every business in the takeaway food industry.

“We are committed to increasing awareness of the opportunities each and every one of us can take by choosing Natural," said Bee Dee Bags GM and Creator of NaturalPak, Mr Cain Gawne.

"Bee Dee Bags has been in a prime position to witness the adverse impact that fossil fuel made single use packaging is causing to our environment, and we just had to be part of a solution. We want to drive change in food packaging and transition towards a circular economy.

"The takeaway food lifestyle is growing and growing and so too is the eco-conscious customer. So, we have introduced a range of food packaging products that will provide a positive impact on humanity, by using materials that are certified and made from renewable plant resources.”

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