• Camper's Pantry Tuna Spread
    Camper's Pantry Tuna Spread

Camper’s Pantry are launching their new lunch options including tuna beans, tuna salsa and tuna spread. The range is a nice change from the peanut butter and vitawheats route hitting a nice middle ground between though who like to lug the stove out at lunchtimes and those who are all about convenience. 

Like the rest of Camper's Pantry they are made in Australia with just under half Aussie ingredients, which is about middle ground for their competitors for local sourcing. There's a fair whack of real meat protein at close to 60g (that's four boiled eggs!), a two year shelf life and two 409 calorie servings per 100g package.

So let us know how you go with them and see you out on the trail! Are they a masterstroke or will you stick with the cheese and biscuits?


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