• Women’s Leki Cressida poles
    Women’s Leki Cressida poles

Sarah Stackman tries of Leki's Cressida poles on the Larapinta Trail.

"Despite being a keen walker for many years this was my first foray into the world of trekking poles. Even after damaging knees thumping down hills with 25kg packs on I’d always been a little proud to consider using them- after all if you need poles to walk up a hill what’s the point? Let it be known I was a very silly and very wrong young whippersnapper! Having never used another set I can’t compare these poles to other on the market but they did me proud.

The ergonomic cork hand grips gave me no sore pots and absorbed sweat well while the easy adjustment made them quick to deploy and adjust (the adjustment screws did loosen occasionally in the beginning but calmed down pretty quickly). You wouldn’t want the grips any smaller but they’ll fit most women really well. The poles themselves are a little more rugged than some however I’d say that’s needed on the Larapinta, I got them caught in rock cracks and twisted them hard a few times but they never weakened or changed shape.

The little cup thingys on the end were a boon for sandy creek crossings. Using poles I found my posture improved, my usual middle back pain greatly lessened, my knees had no troubles and as I was sharing the load around my whole body I could go faster and further between breaks."
RRP: $269
Website: velovita.net.au

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