• The Ah Chair.
    The Ah Chair.

Designed and manufactured on the South Coast of NSW the “Ah Chair” weigh 210gm making it the lightest camping chair available.

The basic principle of the chair is that your feet are used to support your back. It promotes correct posture and eases back pain.

There are several advantages of the Ah Chair over existing camping chairs. Apart from the light weight it is also very versatile. It can be used anywhere. If you can sit down, you can sit down with an Ah Chair.

It’s handy in a tent where you can sit up in comfort, on your mat, in your sleeping bag and read, play cards, drink or eat.

You can use it to sit on a log or a rock and have a backrest, or sit in style on top of a mountain. It’s great at the beach where it’s light weight and compact design make it a snap to transport. The manufacturers have even used it on a stand up paddle board to turn the board into a surf ski.

When back rest of the Ah Chair will help you to maintain a correct posture which is better for your posture than most traditional chairs. The Ah Chair can also be an aid in stretching your legs and hips.

RRP: $45. https://www.ahchair.com.au/

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