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With parts of Australia lifting lockdown restrictions, we’re starting to see the resumption of bushwalking activity across the country.

But with more bushwalking - especially into remote areas - there's more chance of things going wrong, which is why this new product took our interest.

Zoleo is the world’s first global messaging and personal safety solution for smartphone users which has been developed by Melbourne-based Australian-listed satellite communications company, Beam Communications.

Zoleo is extremely useful during disasters (like the bushfires), and for those who move in and out of mobile coverage for work or pleasure.

Users are also always connected to friends, family and emergency services no matter where they are (as long as they can see the sky) – extremely useful when travelling off the beaten track.

The compact Zoleo device connects via Bluetooth with a free app on the user’s Android or Apple smartphone/tablet, to provide a uniquely seamless global messaging experience that follows them in and out of mobile coverage.

Personal safety features like check-in, weather forecasts, and 24/7 worldwide SOS alerts offer extra peace-of-mind when venturing off-the-grid. Users also receive a dedicated SMS number and Zoleo email address.

When users travel beyond mobile coverage, the Zoleo device connects with the free app on their phone/tablet, allowing the user to send/receive messages anywhere on earth via the Iridium satellite network, which provides complete coverage of the globe through 66 interlinked low-earth orbit (LEO) satellites. Uniquely, when users are within mobile coverage the Zoleo app seamlessly delivers messages over cellular or Wi-Fi.

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