• Hikerswool

There is nothing worse than getting a blister when you are out walking. The pain is immense and of course the only way onwards is more walking. We have all been there.

So how do we prevent this from happening? There are ways and one of the most effective is the use of Hikerswool.

Hikerswool is pure New Zealand natural wool, rich in lanolin and is used as a blister preventative. The wool comes in “batts”; it is easy to tear a piece off and place it next to the skin whenever a hotspot appears.

It is specially carded to allow it to be placed over the toes so that the toes won’t poke through and can be used on any part of the foot. The sock will hold it in place.

Lanolin rich Hikerswool offers softness and comfort - and prevent friction and absorb the moisture both of which cause unwelcome blisters.

And as one happy bushwalker said: “Hikers wool is the ducks nuts! I've hiked across The Kokoda trail in PNG with Cam James twice, hiked the South Island NZ and sections of the Bibbulmun track WA and have remained blister free the whole time. An excellent alternative to strapping, leaves no sticky residue like tape does and still works just as well in wet conditions. I never leave without it. A great addition to any hikers first aid kit “ - Denise Shackleton.

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