• Image courtesy of SunZee
    Image courtesy of SunZee

A new wristband that allows you to keep your sunscreen on hand in the outdoors has been launched on Kickstarter this week.

The SunZee contains a capsule of sunscreen for outdoor activities and is designed to be compact, stylish and easy to use. 

Each capsule contains 3ml of facial sunscreen that’s SPF 40, provides Broad-Spectrum UVA & UVB Protection and is Chemical Free, Paraben Free and water resistant for 80 minutes. 

It’s fresh and sealed until you’re ready to use it, and the capsules are designed to provide feedback to let you know when you’ve extracted the amount for an average adult’s face recommended by the FDA.

The wristband keeps the sunscreen in reach and in sight, so it’s easier to remember to reapply it and stay protected from the sun.

Once the kickstarter campaign finishes, you’ll be able to buy more capsules on the website.For more information about the SunZee and the campaign click here.

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