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In the event of a household fire, would you know exactly where your fire extinguisher or fire blanket is and how to use it?

For at least 75 percent of Australians the answer to that question is no, impacting their ability to bring small problems under control before they become life-threatening issues.

Less than five percent of Australians are educated enough to handle an emergency and 200,000 people are hospitalised with serious burns each year. In light of these statistics, Melbourne-based company, dFENCE, has developed a home emergency kit with the aim of saving lives.

Housed in a compact unit, the dFENCE ePOD contains an Australian-made fire extinguisher, fire blanket, torch, first aid kit and a mesh bag for EpiPens, and other personal emergency equipment, so that key response items are on hand when time is critical.

Created by two Melbourne mates after a neighbour’s house caught fire during a family barbecue, the ePOD empowers Australians to become first responders in their own home – potentially saving lives and valuable property.

Co-Founder and GM, Sam White, said the product is designed for homes, apartments, cars and even boats.

“Every Australian wants to be prepared, but the fact is, many of us aren’t,” he said. “When my neighbour’s house caught fire, they couldn’t locate their fire extinguisher, so the MFB were called, wasting valuable time.

“In a stressful situation, such as when faced with a fast-moving blaze, the solution needs to be easy and accessible. That’s why we have designed the ePOD to be small enough to mount on the wall, door or in a cupboard, with all the tools at your fingertips."

The ePOD is available online at dFENCE.co for $149.95 (postage is free).

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