• Nikwax Basefresh.
    Nikwax Basefresh.

New from gear-proofing experts, Nikwax, Basefresh is designed to keep your base-layers functioning at their peak.

Base-layers are designed to be worn next to the skin, providing you comfort by maintaining your body temperature and controlling moisture. The fabrics used are high wicking (they will spread moisture out over a large area), fast drying and breathable.

Combating the build-up of body oils and bacteria is vital, especially within synthetic base-layers. When not kept in check, base-layers often stockpile bacteria, resulting in long-lasting odours. Unlike conventional detergents or fabric conditioners, odours are properly addressed with Basfresh, rather than merely masked.

To keep base-layers functioning properly, care must be taken when washing. Using conventional household detergents or fabric conditioners can impair wicking properties by causing the fabric to retain moisture. This leads to reduced wicking capabilities and slow drying of the fabric.

Nikwax Basefresh 300ML, starting From $15.95. Visit www.nikwax.com for more information


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