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    Osprey packs

Osprey is about to release its all-new Aether and Ariel Plus backpacks that have gone through a quarter century of evolution and innovation to bring very stable pack that can manage the heaviest of loads.

The updated design includes new back-panel design, an all-new, customised fitting system as well as the utilisation of sustainable fabrics and construction materials.

Osprey’s all-new adjustable Custom Fit-on-the-Fly Shoulder Strap and Hipbelt allow users to calibrate the perfect fit with ease.

Redesigned with comfort and stamina in mind, the Fit-on-the-Fly adjustable torso length allows for a fine-tuned fit for a variety of body shapes and sizes while allowing for easy adjustment on the trail.

The new Airscape Suspension features an injection-moulded, die-cut foam back panel that maintains a comfortable and breathable contact surface, flexibility for dynamic movement and improved carry performance.

Horizontal plane channels prevent barrelling under a full load to ensure consistent fit and optimal stability while vertical planes follow the contours of the back preventing collapse under heavy loads.

Men’s Aether Plus Available in:

  • Aether Plus 100 RRP $549.95
  • Aether Plus 85 RRP $539.95
  • Aether Plus 70 RRP $519.95
  • Aether Plus 60 RRP $499.95

Women’s Ariel Plus Available in:

  • Ariel Plus 85 RRP $539.95
  • Ariel Plus 70 RRP $519.95
  • Ariel Plus 60 RRP $499.95

The all-new Aether/Ariel Plus will hit Australian shores from February 2021.

More info click here.

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