• The Deuter Futura daypack
    The Deuter Futura daypack

A few months ago Deuter sent us the new DEUTER OP FUTURA PRO 40 to try. Known around the hills for being a good choice for those who suffer from back injuries, we sent it off to New Zealand for a campervan /hiking holiday with bad-back-owner Steve Laszuk (the writer’s Dad) to see what it can do.

The tester: A 175cm, slim framed bloke in his 50’s, with a severe historical back issue. He’s always found carrying backpacks a painful exercise.

The pack's special features: a 40L large daypack/overnighter with a top lid, very supportive harness, bottom access zip and lots of dinky pockets in a neat, stylish package.

The trip: A two week trip in NZ in Summer with his wife Emily (the writer’s Mum) with 9kg of everything needed for the trip away. Here’s what he had to say:

“It held a surprising amount, everything for hot weather, cold weather, hiking, everything…even had the kitchen sink in there! If anything we found we had room to spare, we do travel pretty light. I liked having all the little pockets, it’s a neat backpack, very neat. You can see how well made it is, it’s very swish. Feels very well made and comfortable.”

But the real clincher: Was it easy to carry?

“Very comfortable to walk with. This pack was a lot easier to carry than any other pack I’ve used. We have a lot of backpacks at home but we’ll leave them behind from now on.This is now going to be the one we always choose for adventures! Yeah, very happy with it. It’s a special bit of gear.”

If you want more info on the pack check out this Youtube clip:

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