• Primal Pods
    Primal Pods

Primal Pods’ are a different take on the standard dehydrated backpacking meal. Made by EDAS foods, they are a relatively new company, very keen on food standards and in using 99% Australian ingredients (always a plus in our eyes).

The meals themselves are essentially foods made into thin, tasty jerky. There’s a few different flavours and they look like they’d make an excellent lunch on the trail, and a welcome change from the crackers and peanut butter route.

We've only tested a couple so far and according to our editor 'they are very tasty!'; Australian Hiker has a review on their website that's much more in depth.

Even used as a way to bulk up existing homemade trail meals we’re excited to see where this idea goes, reports are good so far from the industry. At 80g per meal they’re lighter than a lot of other lunch options, as well as providing a lot more nurtition. 

Price wise they are at the low to medium end of the commercial hiking meal price point at $13.95. 

Have you tried them? Let us know!

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