• Cooking a Back Country Cuisine meal.
    Cooking a Back Country Cuisine meal.

On a recent trip to NT's iconic Larapinta Trail, Great Walks tried out some freeze dried meals.

"From NZ, Back Country comes in single serve, double and some even come in a five-serve. Pour the suggested amount of boiling water into the packing, which also serves as the bowl so no washing up. Perfect for lazy people like myself. After dinner the packaging went straight into the rubbish zip lock.

Cooked Breakfast: Overall, you’d expect to be grossed out by a bag of hot mash potato (or hash brown as they refer to it), egg, beef squares and tomato but it had a surprisingly nice texture. The beef (supposed to be substitute for bacon?) was not too chewy or old-beef-tasting, and the tomato pieces were nicely defined with a pump tartness. Bonus points for it being gluten free and not being porridge (I hate porridge).

Roast Chicken: Read the instructions! I’m not great with following instructions so I added way too much water to the bag, but apart from that the mash was delicious with the gravy (with added chilli) and the corn and peas. The most annoying part was the separate satchel for the mash potato. The added packaging and extra steps makes it more fiddly, some flavoured powder gets lost when you pull it out of the main bag plus a bunch of the peas escaped. So it's not the most convenient of meals. BC's infamous ‘chicken’ squares make an appearance in this dish as well, and I wasn't a massive fan of the squares of stuffing, although I can see how others might appreciate them.

Nasi Goreng: A classic veggie gluten-free fried rice dish, I enjoyed this more than I expected but I found the rice to be a little crunchy. Okay so maaaaayybe I was impatient and hungry and got into the bag before the time was up, sure blame me! I liked the sweet crunch of the fried onion and capsicum, the egg had a slightly funny texture but the flavour was really nice. The sticky, salty, mild honey soy sauce bound the whole dish up without overpowering it and I loved the addition of the pumpkin seeds. I’d love to see BC swap out the egg for tofu to make this an option for vegans."

For info on Back Country Cuisine click here.

Review and photo_Jemima Headlam

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