• Make sure you carry a PLB on every bushwalk.
    Make sure you carry a PLB on every bushwalk.

The GME 410G Peronal Locator Beacon is suitable for all land applications, coming with an industry standard internal battery guaranteed to operate for seven years from acquisition.


With a signal accuracy leading rescuers to less than 45 metres from its position, when supplemented with a highly visible flashing light, this unit provides peace of mind.

Using unique patented technology, the 410G requires no warm up period and transmits the standard 406 MHz signal with a 5 watt power transmitter, while emitting a 121.5 MHz homing signal.

Its buoyant, waterproof design (exceeding IP67) is provided by an extremely robust casing, while being quite lightweight at 250gm in its carry case.

Once activated, the signal will continue until deactivation or for over 24 hours at -20°C and longer at higher temperatures.

If you manage to activate the GME in error, (and you’d have to be sleepwalking and determined at that due to you having to break the security seal and swing its antenna through 180 degrees) you have a 60 second delay to deactivate the unit prior to transmission.

This unit can be self tested with visual operator feedback and you can test its satellite acquisition capability as well.

If you forget the simple printed instructions packed with it, they are printed on the back of the PLB itself.

For the bushwalker who goes fishing and requires his unactivated beacon to be visible, the floatation capability of the GME MT410G should get the nod.

I know that GME have great confidence in their product – and so they should, due to its purpose, but I am gratified by the fact that this GME 410G is made in Australia by Standard Communications, headquartered in Winston Hills in Sydney. You can check out all GME products at www.gme.net.au

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