• Jabra Elite 65e headphones
    Jabra Elite 65e headphones

Now most of us wouldn't go bushwalking with music blaring in our ears but that doesn't mean a good pair of wireless headphones isn't handy for other situations like working out in the gym, which is when I use mine the most.

So I scored a pair of Jabra Elite 65e bluetooth headphones over Christmas and have been using them a lot.

The 65e is engineered to take you through your day as you switch between calls and music on-the-move. By combining active noise cancellation from four microphones with passive noise cancellation from the oval-shaped earbuds and snug-fitting Jabra EarGels, the Elite 65e is powerful enough to make even the busiest of caf├ęs sound as quiet as a library.

And this is great in the gym, on the bus or plane - places like that. You can charge them up via your computer so no worries about changing batteries and the sound comes strong and clear via the bluetooth application on your phone even when I'm running outdoors.

I keep my headphones in my gym bag with everything else I need for a work-out and probably charge them up every couple of weeks. I really like them and I love the freedom they offer by not being attached to my phone by way of a long wire.

RRP: $329
Website: jabra.com.au

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