• Lowe Alpine AirZone Trek+ 35:45
    Lowe Alpine AirZone Trek+ 35:45

Continuing his review of mid-sized packs, Dan Slater checks out Lowe Alpine's AirZone Trek+ 35:45 pack.

"If you can cram all your weekend gear into 35 litres you’re to be congratulated. Fortunately for those of us who require some luxury items, the AirZone Trek+ cranks up to 45.

I still only just fitted my overnight booty in here but I felt like a day tripper as a result. The single-length, adjustable harness has a good stab at fitting most torsos, and utilises the ‘trampoline’ style AirZone construction for unsurpassed ventilation. My hyper-sensitive back was aware of the cut-out oval in the mesh but it wasn’t a deal breaker; at 1.5kg this is one comfy carry.

All the usual features are present and correct, including a pull-out waterproof cover (yay!) and a U-shaped front zip for easy access into the main compartment. This isn’t something I used or would think of using in a hiking pack, and it does offer an additional point of possible water ingress, but in other circumstances, or for other people, it may come in useful.

The ladies’ model is the ND 33:40, ND standing for Nanda Devi, India’s 2nd highest mountain and patron goddess of the Uttarakhand Himalaya. Now that’s what I call a female-specific pack!"

Best for: ascetic athletes
RRP: $289.95
Website: intertrek.com.au

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