• Nemo Hornet 2P two-person tent
    Nemo Hornet 2P two-person tent

Now this is a lightweight tent! Nemo have shaved every possible gram off the Hornet while still retaining a functioning double-walled shelter.

The zips are teeny-tiny; the tensioner cords mere shoelaces; the floor a tissue-thin 15D – these materials need to be treated with respect.

Labelled semi-freestanding due to the pole not splitting at the foot end, yet when properly erected it protects well enough from the elements. While it didn’t rain the night I used this, I believe it would have withstood some gnarly weather.

I’m not a huge fan of tents that require extras, like a footprint, to function properly, but the main issue I have with the Hornet is internal volume.

Although the literature claims the “ultimate in liveability”, my partner and I found quite cramped. Despite its 1m height and design features such as the volumising guyouts at the corners and sides, and the Flybar pole clip (a new addition since the last time I tested this model), sitting up at the same time was a no-no.

Despite the downsides, however, I did like the Hornet. Loops on the pole and peg bags seem custom designed for bikepacking, and the pegs are works of art. Best shared with a very good friend, or not shared at all.

Tested: Mugii Murumban, fine.
Weight: 1.08kg. Price: $649.95
Website: nemoequipment.com

Review_Dan Slater

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