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Injecting a much needed boost of fun into the quilt industry here, US brand Rumpl has thrown the doors wide open to colours, designs and even artist collaborations. 

But is it all hype? Looking good on Instagram is no guarantee something will work as a solid piece of outdoor gear. Lucky for us, the lovely people at Outdoor Agencies sent us one to try out; as with everything we test out at Great Walks we put it through the ringer.

Here’s our verdict on the synthetic single quilt in the FRACTAL design, by an outdoor industry professional who works as a guide with 10+ years experience in the outdoors. 

Build Quality: The quilt was beautiful right out of the box. The colours looked sharp, the material silky and the filling well distributed and generous. The stitching was even with no loose threads, overall a good piece of gear. The size was perfect for a single person.

Usage: Over the month we used it as a rug more than anything else. The luxurious feel of the fabric, the solid construction and the size made it perfect for picnics and trips to the beach. We dragged it down mountainsides to secluded coves, sat six people on it at the park, dumped our surf boards on it at Maroubra, snuggled under it on cold autumn afternoons and used it as an extra layer on the bed at home. It was useful stuffed into a backpack on bushwalks and a perfect picnic companion. Everywhere we went people asked where we got our quilt! It even made its way to the climbing bag as a rope protector. I could find no fault even with a critical eye, the silky fabric does make it a slittle slipperly- but it also meant dirt and sand shook off easily.

Verdict: This quilt really shone as an everyday, very pretty, very functional piece of gear for both city and adventure life. It would make a perfect gift for the adventurer who has everything (even if that adventurer is you!). After a month of all that use, it still looks brand new, ready for whatever tomorow will bring. 

Visit www.rumpl.com.au for stockists 

Prices start at $149.95

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