• Sea to Summit Aeros Premium Traveller Pillow with Neck Closure ..
    Sea to Summit Aeros Premium Traveller Pillow with Neck Closure ..

One of our writers really, really hates aeroplanes. She's flown over 20 times but has never slept a wink, usually arriving at the destination with daggers flying from heavy-lidded eyes. So when we picked up a Sea to Summit travel pillow we thought who better to put it to the test? Here's her thoughts. 

"On a Tigerair, seats-so-far-forward-you're-practically-praying Sydney to Melbourne flight I did not have much faith that a high tech pillow could really do the trick. Especially at four in the afternoon! Boy was I wrong. 

The first thing you notice about this pillow is it looks a bit different. It's thinner at the back, with big nodes at the front and a clip to hold it in place. This means it doesn't push your head forward, gives your face something to lean against and takes away the tendancy for your chin to fall forwards. The premium version is super soft too, which meant once I strapped myself in, popped on my eye mask, ear plugs and clipped the pillow in place I could have been anywhere. I nodded off pretty quickly, with no harrumphing in sight.

So the answer here is a big fat YES! I got a solid afternoon nap in, and woke without any soreness (a big thing for someone with a historical back injury). My neck is pretty long so I added a scarf underneath but I don't think most people would need it. Once I was done with it, it actually went back into the case in came in neatly. I couldn't believe it, and now it goes with me everywhere."

RRP: $46.99. More info here.  

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