• Applying Gear Aid Seam Grip.
    Applying Gear Aid Seam Grip.

Gear Aid products will restore all your favourite outdoor gear to as good as new, increase longevity and ensure your equipment always performs to its maximum.

Seam Grip WP ($16.95) is an all-in-one-tube repair kit that adheres to any fabric or surface. Whether it be seam sealing a leaky tent fly or patching up that hole in your sleeping mat, Seam Grip WP is a good choice for repairing your gear both in the field and at home.

Seam Grip WP...
Is safe to use on all types of natural and synthetic fabrics
Seals seams and leaks to all your outdoor gear
Is ideal for uncoated and polyurethane coated fabrics
Repairs rips, tears and holes with ease
Is durable, flexible formula that bonds permanently and flexes with your gear
Is Washable and resistant to abrasion
Is Waterproof and able to withstand extreme cold and heat

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