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If you're looking for something extra on your next bushwalk or city walk then check out the Echoes app that provides an audio element to your experience.

It could be a voice of someone guiding you through your walk or music inspired by your surroundings.

"We came together looking for a way to create a GPS-triggered audio tour in Hanoi in 2013 and ended up deciding to create our own platform. Since then we opened up access to Echoes, and it’s now grown into a global community," says Echoes founder Josh Kopeček.

One example of the Sound Walks experience is the Mount Wilson Music Soundscape Walk in the Blue Mountains.

This music soundscape walk was created by composer Tristan Coelho and harpist Emily Granger during their time as Artists in Residence at the Mount Wilson Old School.

This walk is a collection of pieces that are directly inspired by specific sites in the area. You'll hear rich and lush musical depictions of the natural environment incorporating field recordings, harp, live and sampled piano from the community hall, loops, synthesisers and guitar effects pedals.

Starting from the Old School, you have two directions of travel: one towards Du Faurs Rocks Lookout and beyond to Pheasants Cave, the other back down The Avenue and left on Wyndham Ave towards Waterfall Track.

Of course bushwalking purist will say that you should just listen to the nature around you but you can turn off the 'sound walk' when you want. And it does add an interesting layer to you bushwalking experience – music inspired by the very surroundings you are in.

Click here for more info on the free Echoes app.

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