• EYE Live app
    EYE Live app

A new sports-based social network, EYE Live, was recently launched and it's worth checking out.

With a dedicated hiking channel, EYE connects you with others who share your passion for the great outdoors and lets you broadcast all your memorable hiking moments LIVE or pre-recorded.

Upload your own photos, videos, or go LIVE on EYE for that extra motivation and share the rush as you reach the top of that mountain. Also, check out what the rest of the EYE community is up to and when one of your crew goes LIVE, you’ll get an alert.

If you’ve just watched an epic hiking ​video and want to show your fellow adrenaline junkie some respect, tap the Fist Pump button to let them know their video was awe-inspiring.

EYE Live was founded by two Aussie tech and digital experts, Chris Flintoft and Chris Gillespie, and their Swedish business partner, Patrik Molander.

Sharing a passion for sports, social, streaming media and wearable technology, the trio recognised the absence of a dedicated place to exclusively share sporting moments with like-minded people. Together, they’ve harnessed the latest live-streaming technology to create this unique place to share all your best sporting moments.

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