• Using walking poles
    Using walking poles

Looking for a set a walking poles for your next bushwalk? We're sure you'll find the right one from the list below!

 Helinox Causeway

Helinox Causeway poles The Causeway poles provide confidence in difficult terrain or when carrying a heavy multi-day pack. Their larger diameter is more resistant to flexing under load. Longer pole lengths of up to 145cm are perfect for pitching a tent or tarp. Two different locking mechanisms are available: the Double Lever lock (DL) and the Groove Lock system (GL). The Groove Lock system gives immense load carrying capacity by combining a robust twist-lock that mates with grooves in the pole shaft.
RRP: $209.99-$219.99. Website: seatosummitdistribution.com.au

Macpac C3

Macpac C3 poles The C3 pole is designed to reduce pressure on joints and muscles, especially when you’re carrying a pack. Carbon fibre construction balances durability and weight perfectly, while an adjustable Lever Lock System allows walkers to customise the poles to their desired length. The C3 is ideal for longer trips in the backcountry.
RRP: $199.99. Website: macpac.com.au

Leki Micro

Leki Micro Vario Carbon poles The Micro Vario Carbon (240gm each), equipped with lots of details, supports you uphill and downhill and helps you save energy. In addition to the anatomically formed AERGON Thermo Long Grip and the super simple Speed Lock 2 Adjustment System comes the ELD External Locking Device ensuring more stability and safety on the mountain thanks to its special construction. The pole can be folded down to 40cm at the push of a button.
RRP: $349.99. Website: velovita.com.au

Komperdell C3

Komperdell C3 Carbon Power Lock 3.0 poles Weighing it at 214gm each, the sturdy and durable C3 Carbon Power Lock 3.0 pole blends lightweight carbon with high density Titanal. The Power Lock 3.0 locking mechanism is made of anodised aluminium, which offers secure holding power as well as fast and easy adjusting of the pole length.
RRP: $229.95 per pair. Website: outdooragencies.com.au

BD Ergo

Black Diamond Trail Ergo Cork poles The Trail Cork Ergo Trekking Poles feature an ergonomic natural cork grip, double FlickLock adjustability, and carbide Tech Tips that can be interchanged with the rubber Tech Tips (sold separately) for different trail surfaces. They weigh 510gm per pair, have a useable length of 74-140cm and a collapsed length of 73cm.
RRP: $199.95. Website: seatosummitdistribution.com.au

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