• Nikwax Fabric and Leather Proof Spray On (125ml) RRP: $22.50
    Nikwax Fabric and Leather Proof Spray On (125ml) RRP: $22.50

Giving your boots a scrub will not only make you the belle of the bush but also stops fine sand grating away at the fibres, discourages mould and extends the life of the materials.

It’s also a great time to replace the laces before they snap mid-walk. (For cleaning tips, REI do a good article or if they've begun fitting badly, try ‘hail mary’s for ill-fitting boots'.) 

You’ll also need a product to protect them in between washes. Good old Nikwax makes a couple of useful ones called ‘Nikwax’s Footwear Cleaning Gel’ ($17.95) and ‘Fabric and Leather Proof’ ($22.50) to help keep your shoes clean, breathable and waterproof.

The gel works to eliminate water absorbent dirt and stains, revitalising the DWR by forcing any liquids or contaminants to bead on the outer surface and slide right off. If you need a fresh layer of DWR altogether, the Fabric and Leather proof will work well after the gel wash. More info click here.


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