• Massaging a foot with plantar fasciitis.
    Massaging a foot with plantar fasciitis.

One of the GW team just finished her solo end to end, here she shares her advice on looking after those wee little piggies.

Blister prevention comes down to two things: paying attention to your feet with good preparation, and reducing friction.

  1. Do your boots fit? If they don’t try changing out insoles, lacing one set of holes further up, getting them stretched etc  until they feel right. Remember in got weather your feet swell, so allow for this in preparing your boots. 

  2. Bring a thick moisturiser and use it both in the morning just before you put your socks on and at night when you’ve finished hiking. Use this time to check in with your feet and give them a nice rub- they worked hard for you!

  3. Wear two pairs of socks, or a product such a Wrightsocks which has a liner built in. I cannot stress how much of a difference this makes, as the thin outer sock rubs against the inner, rather than your foot rubbing against the boot.

  4. If you do get a blister, cover it early with tape such as Rock tape, Elastoplast, Hiker’s Wool or Compeed. Address hot spots right away and they’ll have the best chance of healing quickly.

 Every foot is different, what works for you? Let us know on the GW Facebook page.


Happy hiking!


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