• A sturdy pair of bushwalking boots. TQ
    A sturdy pair of bushwalking boots. TQ

If you're having trouble with your hiking boots then these tips might just save the day...

Boots are just that little bit too small:

Try taking out the insoles and replacing them with with either part insoles or leaving them out altogether. You’ll add 1-2 sizes and possibly save yourself chucking your expensive new pair.

Boots just that little bit too big:

Try tip #1 in reverse: buy the biggest, chunkiest looking pair of insoles you can find and fling those in, either on top of or instead of your regular ones. You can also wear two pairs of socks- as an extra bonus it makes a huge difference for cutting down on blisters.

Boots are rubbing your pinky toes:

Felt fine at the shop but a few days in they’re giving you grief? Try tip #1 or get fancy with the lacing. Unlace your boots and start them again one hole up from where they were before. This will give your toes some breathing space and a bit more room to wiggle around.

Boots rubbing the back of your feet:

If it’s not a fit issue (9 times out of ten it is) buy a pair of sticky insoles and cut them so they fit nicely in a patch behind your heel. Stick them in where your heel rubs and give that a go.

Boots rubbing the top of your feet:

Another lacing trick- skip a set of holes where they’re rubbing. This should relieve pressure for those if us blessed with high bone-y bits.


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