• Bring your own wood to fire allowable areas. Image: Violet Bonmua
    Bring your own wood to fire allowable areas. Image: Violet Bonmua

There are a number of ways to build a fire: one of the most efficient is the tee pee.
Choosing a site downwind of your campsite and close to a convenient supply of fuel, build your fire at least three metres from anything that may catch alight.

The best firewood stands as a tree where it died, providing everything from kindling through to logs in one handy location. A rummage around on the ground will also reveal suitable wood for the job.

Stack tinder: paper, dried pine needles, a piece of inner tube, anything dry that will light easily, on bare earth in the shape of a tee pee. To this add some twigs.

Using matches, a cigarette lighter, or even a magnifying glass, set the tinder alight. The flame is drawn up through the tee pee and ignites the twigs.

Continue to add heavier sticks, branches and logs as the fire becomes established. Each progressive layer will fall in on the previous one, increasing the bed of embers.

In windy conditions, the fire bed can be surrounded with rocks or logs to protect the flame until it becomes established, and to keep the fire where it belongs.

Make sure you've read the Think Before You Trek brochure by the NSW Police.

Words_Paul King

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