• Kitchen Wizz: Belinda from Lane Cove Scouts
    Kitchen Wizz: Belinda from Lane Cove Scouts

This month’s environmental legend award goes to Belinda Keir, who Great Walks met while covering the Navshield event a few months back.

Too often outdoor adventures can become synonymous with bags of rubbish tipped into landfill when we get home. If you’re the one sorting the menu for your bushwalking trip there’s often tricky decisions to be made about packing, with seemingly little options for environmentally friendly outdoor meals.

Here at Great Walks we’re passionate about keeping the beautiful places we walk in as great for the next generation. (Do you have any good tips for keeping the rubbish to a minimum on your adventures? Let us know!)

Wandering into Belinda’s Iron Cove District Scouts kitchen we found her cooking up a storm, 3 meals a day for 100 people with one small bucket for her landfill.

How did she do it?

“Well it’s all about preparation” she finally offered after humbly trying to feed me a cup of tea instead of talk about herself. “I make everything I can from scratch, choose things without packaging and follow my bible.” She holds up her Navshield Cookbook, complete with all her favourite recipes from years of catering events this big and bigger.

“We run a pretty thorough composting operation, use retained heat cooking to save on gas. It’s all about the bigger picture”.

We’re hoping to run a longer article on Belinda’s tips and tricks soon but for now, if you see her out and about cooking up a storm, be sure to say hello.



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