• Help I'm Lost!
    Help I'm Lost!

Looking for enjoyment, personal challenge and friendship, no-one plans to go into the outdoors to break bones or get washed away in a flood.

With the best decisions made prior to departure, here are some questions to ponder before leaving home:

  1. Is all equipment, including an up-to-date first aid kit, PLB, cell phone or mountain radio, in good condition and suitable for the trip?
  2. Who has survival and first aid training, and are there any medical conditions that may pose a risk to individuals or the group?
  3. Have departure and return details and emergency phone numbers been left with a reliable contact?
  4. What weather is expected, and has enough food and clothing been packed to last in an emergency?

If disaster strikes in the field, stay calm and up-beat, working as a group to plan the next step. Decide whether to turn back or sit out the event, and which route is the safest alternative. In the case of serious injury, who will stay with the patient? If someone goes back for help, ensure that a route has been marked for searchers to follow.

Being far from ominous, simple planning creates peace of mind, safe in the knowledge that you’re ready for anything – including a good time. For more info on bushwalker safety click here

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