Did you know most mobile phones can be used to call for emergency help even if they are locked and even without a SIM?

The number to use is 112, which in Australia routes to 000. Typically the phone has “emergency call” or similar appearing on it. Tap that, and then you’ll get a dial screen.

While it may seem obvious, we have to clarify a few things because people do ask.

Firstly, the phone must be switched on. Secondly, you must have phone reception of some sort.

And although it need not be your normal provider, not all phones are technically capable of using all networks.

Finally, if you’re out of any useable phone signal, bad luck – the idea that a normal mobile automatically routes an emergency call through satellites in the event it cannot use the terrestrial network is utterly false.

The only phones that can do that are hybrid mobile/satphones.

If you are in an emergency you cannot contact the emergency services by text, but you can contact other people and texts can get through where voice can’t, particularly if it’s noisy weather which makes conversation difficult.

The battery power used to send a text is far less than that of a phone call.

Words_Robert Pepper

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