• Selleys Marine Sealant
    Selleys Marine Sealant

One Great Walks reader J.D.Chadwick offers advice on how to repair broken boots.

"Boots are expensive and take a while to wear in, so replacing them was not on top of my agenda if I could help it. This comfortable pair were my favourites and because I bought them overseas, I was unable to get replacement pair.

They got hammered on the Larapinta Trail last July with the leather upper being cut close to the sole on both shoes. In danger of parting altogether and my thongs being more waterproof than these were they needed some TLC.

Selleys Marine Sealant to the rescue. This stuff not only seals but bonds and is very flexible. A thin coating and my boots were back in action. In fact, they’ve seen a lot of action since being repaired, are still in one piece, keeping my toes toasty and dry.

Over the past 10 months they’ve carried me and my pack along the Hartz Mountains Trail, The South Coast Track, Mount Field Alpine Trails, Fortescue Bay to Devils Kitchen (twice), Cape Huey, Crater Lake to Marion’s Lookout Trail Cradle Mountain plus a dozen other Tasmanian hikes.

Tip: A bit of boot polish and you won’t even notice the uneven silicone repair job."

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