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Lots of kitchens have an old range - something big and heavy heating your house’s kitchen, baking the bread and maybe even working the radiators. But have you ever thought about using the warming compartments to dehydrate your hiking food?

A few months ago, Larapinta in sight, I’d commandeered not only my mums but my grandma’s dehydrators, with them going at pull pelt on the kitchen bench I still needed more tray space.

We had the range on in the cold weather so I chucked a few trays of spag bol onto baking sheets, onto trays and popped them on the shelves overnight as a bit of an experiment.

With a wooden spoon to keep the door slightly open and allow steam to escape, the meal was done in half the time of the other units and to a much higher standard.These days my mum has gone bananas and mangos with hers, the pantry full of dried delights for the winter ahead.

If you’ve got the range on anyway why not use it?

A few things to note:

-Keep the temperature on low and slow while you’re working it out

-Follow the same rules as with an electric unit- no big clumps etc

-Send us a pic on Facebook with your results!

 Words_Sarah Stackman

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