• 100 Treks Across The Kokoda Trail
    100 Treks Across The Kokoda Trail

100 Treks Across The Kokoda Trail is a large coffee-table book about the rediscovery of the historical significance of the Kokoda Trail by Charlie Lynn.

The book is as big as a Kokoda trek itself. Stunning pictures of the trail and its people on high gloss pages are a feature of the book.

Charlie’s first Kokoda trek was in 1991 when the trail itself was in parts non-existent, and for the most part neglected since the end of the Second World War.

Charlie recalls his first trek across Kokoda in his book: “The next five days were the wettest and toughest I can remember. The trail itself was not marked or even visible in many areas.”

The cover of the large format, hard cover tome features a painting of Charlie by 1942 Kokoda veteran, Alan Waite who was NSW artist of the year in 1988.

Inside among the words by Charlie are breathtaking photos of the scenery along the Kokoda Trail and historic photos.

Photos of a famous trek Charlie fronted for A Current Affair featuring a team of celebrities, including Angry Anderson, Keryn Phelps, Daryl Braithwaite, Collette Mann, Dermott Brereton and Grant Kenny.

In Charlie’s words: “By the end of the trek I thought that if I had a chance to lead another group of celebrities across the trail or fight the Japanese, I would take the Jap option – it had to be easier!”

“The story of the trek was screened on Anzac Day, 1996, and almost three million tuned in to watch. I have been told that they were the best ratings A Current Affair had ever achieved.”

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