• Mount Sonder
    Mount Sonder

A 36-year-old man has collapsed and died on the Larapinta Trail in Central Australia. NT Police said the man had been walking with a family member when he collapsed on a remote bush trail 2km from Mount Sonder on Monday afternoon.

The family memeber ran to the carpark and contacted emergency services just before 6pm, but he had died before rescuers arrived.

It’s understood he had a medical incident while walking the popular hike, about 150km west of Alice Springs.

The 14km Mount Sonder hike takes about six hours to complete and makes up the final stage of the 223km Larapinta Trail.

The trail has claimed the lives of seven tourists in the past 18 months.

US actor Matt Palazzolo (33) died while walking the Larapinta Trail in January 2018. He was a well known LGBT activist from California and an actor and writer.

In February 2017, an elderly German couple who set out to hike Trephina Gorge, also in Central Australia, wandered up to 17km off a marked walk before dying of dehydration and heat stress on a 40C day.

Gisela Thor’s body was found less than a day after the remains of her 76-year-old husband Wilfred were discovered by police search crews. Both became extremely dehydrated and ultimately could not cope with the Central Australian heat.

Great Walks encourages bushwalkers to carry a PLB and make sure they have left their travel details with someone.

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