• Oct-Nov issue
    Oct-Nov issue

The Oct-Nov is back from the printers on its way to subscribers and newsagents!


The theme of the issue is 'reclaim your wanderlust' and we explore the many corners of Australia including the Fleurieu Peninsula, the Great Qld Rail Trail, the Scenic Rim and a new walk in the Snowy Mountains.


In another feature we interview Walkley-winning journalist Anthony Sharwood who took on the Australian Alps Walking Track (and later wrote a book about his epic journey) and we asked him was the walk what he expected in terms of logistics and challenges?


It was, I must be honest, a little bit tougher. Even though John Chapman’s excellent guide to the track explicitly warns that it’s extremely tough, you’re still never quite prepared for those moments when you have to ascend 700 vertical metres up a spur through neck-high bushes on a 38°C afternoon with no sign of the trail and few or no track markers. As people will read, I actually missed a couple of sections due to fire, but I also bypassed one bit due to mental fatigue. I make no apology for this. For me, attempting the track was the goal, not completing the full 660km. And believe me, I got more than enough done and had more than my share of adventures to tell a pretty good story!”


We also head overseas and check out Italy's planned $57 million Path of Parks that will eventually connect the country's 25 national parks – including those on the islands of Sicily and Sardinia, and we also explore backcountry Argentina and check out some of the finest walks in this beautiful South American country.


 Never hike overseas without Vegemite in your backpack. – Jim Noort


Always carry a compass. It gets awkward when you have to eat your friends! – Jenny Eldridge


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