• On the Light to Light
    On the Light to Light

Life’s An Adventure has announced it will resume guided walks along the Light to Light Walk in southern NSW, starting in October.

The Light to Light walk hugs the coastline between historic Boyds Tower and Green Cape Lightstation and is one of the best walks on the far south coast of NSW.

It was damaged by last summer’s bushfires but there has been some repair and regeneration since then. Life’s An Adventure director Mark Norek gives us the lowdown.

When was the last time LAA had a pack-free guided Light to Light walk?
“March 2019 we actually offered no walks on the Light to light but did offer some alternative walks in the area. As we are blessed with beautiful walks throughout Australia, we were able to do.”

What is the regeneration like on the Light to Light?
“While the damage caused by 2020 bushfires is widespread, it may not be all bad news for the landscape. The future for native trees in the area could be brighter than you think thanks to widespread rain, cooler conditions over the past 6-9 months and fresh ash beds setting the vegetation up for a stable recovery.

"The Australian bush is remarkably resilient to fire and has evolved with it for many millions of years. Some of the reporting that has happened over the last few months about hundreds of acres of bushland being lost to fire is not correct, as the land can rejuvenate itself.

Native trees, especially eucalyptus forests have superb adaptions for recovery and are prime for regeneration. It's a new life for many of the species that rely on seed. In the Ben Boyd National Park, we will see new life and the eucalyptus and grass trees have come to life first in most cases!”

What changes to your original Light to Light itinerary have you had to make?
“We offered alternative walk such as the Kangarutha Track Tartha to Bournda about 10km and great unknown coastal walk. Plus we did a Hancock point to Barmouth Beach walk on the last day.

“We also added an Oyster cruise @ Captain Sponge Bobs Magical Oyster tour and we did a kayak with Jenny Robb from Kiah Wilderness tours whom also run the Light to light Coastal Camps. This was an awesome addition as it should our clients the devastation of the fires to her business and the surrounding bushland.”

What’s it feel like waiting for borders like Tasmania to reopen for business?
“Frustrating as clients are super keen to get out there and enjoy nature. Our guides want to get back to work. And our Reservations team is tired of rescheduling their tours. People are keen to get out there and travel, but state governments are holding all of us to ransom. We all need to get back to normal lives as soon as possible!”

What would you say to someone considering a pack-free guided walking holiday?
“What better time to Explore your own backyard! Pack Free is the best way to enjoy the outdoors without heavy pack to carry, tents to set up and food/logistics of organising the walk. Leave all that to us! Add to that sumptuous local produce and superb wines and you have the perfect holiday. These local rural areas need our help. After fires, rains and pandemics we all need to support each other and get back to work.”

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