• Parrot Conservation
    Parrot Conservation

Aimed at birdwatchers, conservationists and lovers of nature writing, Parrot Conservation: From Kakapo to Lear’s Macaw: Tales of Hope from Around the World by Rosemary Low is a book dedicated to this beautiful bird.

One third of the world’s nearly 400 species of parrots are threatened with extinction or already close to it. These include some of the most spectacular and iconic bird species on the planet, such as the Hyacinth Macaw from South America, the Kakapo from New Zealand and the Orange-bellied Parrot from Australia.

Parrot Conservation explores why parrots are endangered and the conservation techniques being used to save them, in the process taking a detailed look at more than 30 parrot species and groups from around the world and what can be learned from our experiences with them.

Many of these chapters include highlights of the author’s own time in the field working on and observing conservation projects related to the parrots’ survival. These very personal accounts vividly bring to life the problems that parrots are facing.

Through engaging text and captivating stories the book aims to promote a wider interest in the plight and conservation of parrots, which is essential in terms of raising future funds for the many projects that require funding.

Parrot Conservation, From Kakapo to Lear’s Macaw: Tales of Hope from Around the World, Rosemary Low, New Holland Publishers, RRP: $54.99 available from all good book retailers or online www.newhollandpublishers.com.

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