• Mount Perry, Qld
    Mount Perry, Qld

After four years of planning and building, the Mt Perry Summit Walk has officially opened.

Mt Perry (4.5hr drive north of Brisbane) is situated in the North Burnett region which includes the towns of Monto and Biggenden.

Ken Schuster, President of the Mt Perry Development Board, says the level 3 classification walk is described as a reasonably easy walk for those with moderate fitness levels.

At the peak of 750m, on a clear day, you may be able to see the coastline.

The Mt Perry Summit Walk is now open and has plenty of easy to find signage throughout the North Burnett town.

"It was our first time up Mount Perry and it was absolutely magnificent with many altering landscapes," wrote V Wakefield on a revent review of the track.

"From dry dirt steep access track to beautiful cool vine forest. This mountain reminded me of many I've been to. The beginning felt like Mount Borumba then where there's manicured steps with rocks it felt like Mount Coolum. The dry bush reminded me of mount Walsh and the cool forest was like Mount Woowoonga.

"So having a variety of landscapes to make my way through was really nice. Some nice open spots to see the lovely surrounding hills and forests. When you get to the fork at the top to summit you can go either way as both lead to the top."

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