• Druk Path Trek.
    Druk Path Trek.
  • Eastern Himalayas.
    Eastern Himalayas.
  • Jomolhari Trek.
    Jomolhari Trek.
  • Dochu la.
    Dochu la.

If walking in Bhutan is on your bucket list then we have good news for you. Let us introduce you to Rare Air, a tour operator specialising in this mysterious kingdom.

They want their clients to experience the authentic culture of Bhutan: its architecture, cuisine, handicrafts, spirituality, scenery and the great warmth of its people – including the eastern part of the country that sees fewer visitors.

Rare Air prides themselves on their eco tourism and sustainability initiatives. They use only equipment that is high quality, well-made and fully repairable. And they have a commitment to ‘No Plastic Bottle’ trips, insisting all of their clients bring refillable bottles.

The people at Rare Air love walking and most of their itineraries are about getting outside and experiencing the magical natural environment of Bhutan.

Rare Air offers a range of walking, trekking and cultural experiences. Highlight trips include their 12-day Dagala Trek. It's also known as the Thousand Lakes trek and although there are not actually one thousand lakes there are many, all of them very beautiful. It may feel like a remote trail as it sees fewer trekkers than other ones but you do pass through a few small villages and yak herders' settlements. This is also an excellent trek for views of the eastern Himalayan range in the distance.

Or you might prefer the 18-day Jomolhari-Laya-Gasa Trek. The road to the remote village of Lasa, close to the border of Tibet, offers some of the best mountain scenery in the Himalayas.The trek passes through a few small villages and the habitat of the tarkin, the national animal of Bhutan. Spotting tarkin is rare but blue sheep are more common. There is also a chance to interact with the inhabitants of Laya, the Layaps, who have their own culture, language and style of dress.

For info on all of Rare Air's Bhutan trips click here.

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