• Wilmot River, Tas
    Wilmot River, Tas

A man who spent the night in near-freezing bushland after becoming separated from his kayak in northern Tasmania has been found, authorities say.

Police say the man was kayaking with a friend on the Wilmot River, near Lake Barrington, on Sunday afternoon when he was swept downstream.

The experienced kayaker was wearing a life jacket and helmet, and swam to shore but became stranded.

His companion was able to kayak separately to shore and alert emergency services who conducted a search of the gorge area before dark, but were unable to find the man.

The search for the man resumed at first light and he was found before 9:00am by the rescue helicopter. His kayak has not been recovered.

Constable Josh Peach said the man was taken to the Mersey Hospital for observation, but was not seriously injured.

Overnight temperatures in the area were close to 0 degrees Celsius.

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