• Cathedral Range State Park
    Cathedral Range State Park

Check out this 20min inspiring video made by Healing Hikes Australia.

The Cathedral Range Northern Circuit is a 14.7km, grade 4 circuit hike located in Cathedral Range State Park, Victoria. The walk should take approximately 6hr to complete.

The walk explores the northern range taking in South Jawbone Peak, North Jawbone Peak (optional side trip), The Farmyard, Little Cathedral Peak, Neds Peak and Neds Gully.

Commencing at Cooks Mill make your way in a westerly direction along the well formed Cerberus Road. After a short distance you will see Saint Bernards Track to your right. Follow this along its lebgth to the Jawbone Car Park.

From the carpark, follow the Jawbone Creek Track up a long flight of rock steps to The Farmyard. From here you can do a quick side trip up the South Jawbone Track to South Jawbone Peak for amazing views across the Cathedral Range and Valley Below.

Retrace your steps and follow the Farmyard Track north. After about 700m the North Jawbon Track will appear on your right. This is an alernate side trip to North Jawbone Peak.

Continuie north to follow the ridge line all the way to The Cathedral Summit and on to Cathedral North then Little Cathedral Peak which marks the end of the range.

From the summit of Little Cathedral Peak retrace your steps until you reach a sign post identifying the Little Cathedral Track. Follow this track down into Neds Gully and towards the camping area.

Before reaching the camping area you will find Little River track on your right. From this point is is approximately one hours walk through forest back to Cooks Mill and the start of your hike.

Anyway, enough talking watch the video:

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