• The 'Into The wild' bus
    The 'Into The wild' bus

The bus where Chris McCandless breathed his last, the one we saw in the movie Into the Wild, has now been lifted from Alaska.

According to reports, the Alaska Army National Guard has now removed the bus from its original site, and placed it at a secure location. The decision has been made after the death of two hikers, and countless other travellers coming here in search of the bus as a pilgrimage.

The Magic Bus, stranded in Alaska, was where Chris McCandless, also known as Alexander Supertramp spent his last few days.

The Virginia born McCandless had rejected society to go on a self-exploration journey, and live life close to nature.
His story was beautifully adapted by the film Into the Wild that gained a lot of attention the worldover.

The bus was parked in Stampede Trail, which is near Denali National Park. Visited by travellers from across the world, it has posed threats to hikers in the past that led to rescue operations. In fact two people had even drowned in the Teklanika River in an attempt to reach the bus.

The iconic bus is from the 1940s that was home to construction workers who were employed here to build an access road.

Removing the bus was not an easy task, as it is deep in the heart of Alaska, parked right at the centre of all things wild.

The authorities had to use a CH-47 Chinook helicopter to airlift the bus. It is being reported that a suitcase was also removed from the bus that is dear to the McCandless family. Even though it did not belong to Chris, it could contain some journals left behind by him or others.

Into the Wild is a novel that is written by Job Krakauer, and was published in 1996. The movie, directed by Sean Penn was released in 2007. Chris McCandless took shelter in this Magic Bus, which was his last stop. He died on August 18, 1992 after getting poisoned from consuming the seeds of a wild potato.

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