• Turbans used to rescue Canadian hiker
    Turbans used to rescue Canadian hiker

A group of Canadian hikers used their turbans to rescue a man from the waters above the Lower Falls in Golden Ears Provincial Park in British Columbia on Monday.

At about 6pm (local time) Ridge Meadows Search and Rescue received a call about two hikers that were in trouble at the falls.

One man had slipped and fell into the pool just above the falls and was having difficulty getting out, explained SAR manager Rick Laing.

However, before the rescue team could get there, another group of five men came upon the scene and sprang into action.

“Five young males hiking past rendered them aid by taking their turbans off, tying them together and making one long rope,” said Laing.

Laing’s team met both groups as they made their way back out the parking lot.

“The rocks there are quite slick and it can be really difficult to get back out of it, especially if you are wet and cold. So, they were fortunate that these five young men happened by and were able to get him out and back up to the trail,” noted Laing, adding that he had 18 members respond to the call – a good response, he said, considering it was Thanksgiving.

Laing said the two men who appeared to be in their early to mid-20’s had gone to the pool and told his team that they did not see the hazard signs. But, how the pair got to the pool, or if the one man slipped down from the top or climbed down to the pool before he fell in, is not clear.

Laing said the man was very lucky.




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