• Stupid tourists
    Stupid tourists

Tourists could do prison time after approaching bears at America's Katmai National Park.

Three years after livestream viewers spotted them approach feeding bears in Alaska’s Katmai National Park and Preserve’s Brooks River, three men are facing federal charges, federal prosecutors have announced.

The men are accused of leaving a designated viewing platform near the park’s popular Brooks Falls to take pictures of brown bears in the incident, which Explore.org’s popular livestream captured.

In a press release, the US attorney for the District of Alaska said that the men, two Alaskans and a visitor from New Mexico, “created a hazardous condition for the bears.”

The three currently face misdemeanor charges of entering a closed area, disorderly conduct that created hazardous conditions, and approaching within 50 yards of a large mammal at the national park. If these three are convicted, each faces a maximum six months in prison, a $US5,000 fine, and a year of probation.

Check out the footage below.


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