• THAT sandal.
    THAT sandal.

Los Angeles streetwear brand Rose In Good Faith has collaborated with adult toy manufacturer Doc Johnson to create a pair of shoes using plastic recycled from sex toys.

Apart from its cork insole, the whole shoe was produced using a combination of plastic sourced from unused and damaged adult toys and non-bleached Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate (EVA) foam.

Rose in Good Faith founder David Teitelbaum came up with the idea to create a shoe made from discarded adult toys after visiting Doc Johnson, one of the largest sex toy companies in the US.

Teitelbaum believes the shoes which are called Plastic Soul could reduce waste from unwanted polymers and help clean up the footwear industry.

Sure, making a shoe out of discarded adult toys surely sounds like a PR stunt, but this collaboration isn't really doing anything that revolutionary - or inappropriate. Clothes and shoes are made from recycled materials all the time - water bottles, recovered ocean plastics, sail cloths, tents, etc. — and the adult toys were fair game, according to Doc Johnson COO Chad Braverman, the executive that worked with Rose In Good Faith to turn the samples and rejects into raw material.

"We met with David Teitelbaum, CEO of Rose In Good Faith, a while ago and really hit it off. We always wanted to work together but didn't want to rush it. We were waiting for the right time and right collaboration that made sense," Braverman told gearpatrol.com

"After he saw our facility, David reached out, pitching the idea of a shoe made out of our materials, which eventually evolved into this upcycled concept," Braverman says.

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