Great Walks has just returned from a week exploring the anciet Dolomite mountain range in northern Italy. The experience involved self-guided walks, thanks to our good friends at Hidden Italy Guided Walks.

We were given plenty of information before we flew out of Australia, including detailed walknotes, maps and info on what to carry and what to expect on the trail.

This wonderful five night/six day self-guided walk introduced us to some spectacular mountains in the world and some of the finest walking in Europe.

Celebrated as a skiing destination, the Dolomites also offers unrivalled walking in the summer. We used cable cars to get to the start of each walk and then followed well-marked trails that winded their way back to our base, stopping at a well-appointed mountain hut for a lunch break each day.

At the start of the walk, we were met in charming Bolzano, the capital of the South Tyrol and an important stop on the main Verona/Innsbruck train line, and driven to a spectacular valley an hour away. This valley is one of the prettiest in the ‘Ladino’ heartland of the Dolomite mountains and we were based for the next five nights.

Each day the walk got a little bit longer and a little bit more technical but with the detailed track note, maps and well signposted paths there was no concern of getting off track or lost. And there plenty of people on the track - but not too many!

And the best thing was at the end of each day we returned to a beautiful hotel for a lovedy meal made from local produce all washed down with fantastic local wines!

For more info on Hidden Italy Guided Walks click here.

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